Becoming an Author

I've been searching recently for some new books to read. I considered a subscription box service such as OwlCrate where I would get a random book once a month with some random bits and bobs attached. Or trying out a book club and getting some socializing in as well. Goodreads also have a tonne of … Continue reading Becoming an Author


Super Work Week

Hi Guys! I've been a bit absent due to complete lack of doing things. For example, I didn't return to work until this week, and as such, didn't really leave the house and get out there and do much. I also didn't do any reading or studying, or any of the things I was supposed … Continue reading Super Work Week

My Secret Garden (and week in recovery)

I've had this week off work to recover from surgery - and as a general update - it's had a few bumps and scrapes but I think I'm over the hump now and from here on out it should all be better. And to help me along - FRUIT! Today I am enjoying myself outside on … Continue reading My Secret Garden (and week in recovery)