Others Expectations

Little rant on my behalf; how excited should I appear when I tell you I'm pregnant? Honestly. Yes, I am excited. But I also have concerns and am being realistic about the whole thing. There's my health, and the baby's. Our combined health during the pregnancy, which at any stage over the course of 9 months could … Continue reading Others Expectations



I'm going to be very real here - this fortnight is a little tight. All my monthly and bi-monthly bills decided to be due on the same day, leaving me very very little wiggle room for food and fuel. Luckily, I have the most amazing mother in the entire world who after a full days work, … Continue reading Over-eating

Going Backwards To Progress

I've always been someone who get's really depressed when I stop moving forward in life - whether its learning something, getting further ahead at work, or mastering a new hobby. For the past month or two I've found myself getting sad about where I am in life and where I want to go - simply … Continue reading Going Backwards To Progress