Self Care Week

I have spent the last week in a cleaning and sleep deprived frenzy. With a changing work schedule, moving in to a new place, and the first week of studies, it's been a little crazy. Now that the week is over, my place is clean and tidy, and I've almost completed all my studies and … Continue reading Self Care Week


What A Year

Wow Guys - it's been a while! So much has happened in the last 8 months that it's hard to know where to begin. I suppose at the biggest changing point that sparked everything. To preface it - I was planning on writing some posts for you guys on my experience with moving out with … Continue reading What A Year

My Secret Garden (and week in recovery)

I've had this week off work to recover from surgery - and as a general update - it's had a few bumps and scrapes but I think I'm over the hump now and from here on out it should all be better. And to help me along - FRUIT! Today I am enjoying myself outside on … Continue reading My Secret Garden (and week in recovery)