Hi everyone! Welcome to my site. Everything is broken down into five different categories;

Journal  Рthis is where I will post any updates, thoughts, every day type stuff.

Lifestyle – activities, travelling, and any reviews I do will be in here!

Health & Fitness – I try to exercise and eat healthy, any posts in here I am usually quite proud of my progress or creation.

Nightmare Series – over 15 years I have had recurring, vivid nightmares that have stuck with me! Strange, I know, but I always have a different reaction afterwards, and this is where I publish my nightmares for everyone to enjoy.

Reblog – occassionally I will find things on tumblr or weheartit and want to share with you! This category is for everyone else to see what other creators content I want to share with you!

A Little About Me
I am a 23 year old living in Western Australia. I have a beautiful dog named Bailey.
I created this site as a way to express myself, to share what I do and practise different writing styles. Although I have tried many times, I simply cannot keep a paper journal and am too camera shy for a YouTube channel. A blog for me is a perfect place to become creative and share myself with my friends and readers.

For business enquiries only email cupcate@outlook.com.au
Stock photos from pexels.

– Cupcate –