8 Days ’til Christmas

Only 8 days to go and I am feeling both calm and anxious about this year. I think it’s because there’s this pressure to make it into some tradition for my baby and partner as it’s our first Christmas just the three of us. Everywhere I look – forums, facebook, instagram, reddit – parents are setting up cute family traditions for their babies and preparing an elaborate day. Whilst the idea of making traditions is wonderful and I want to get on board – my baby is 9 months old. She won’t remember any of this.

Instead I think I’ll wait until next year, when there will be some recognition to my words when I give her something and tell her, “this is for you“. At the moment I hand something over and she looks at it, tries to eat it, then promptly throws it aside and chases the dog around the room (she’s still crawling so the dog gets away easily).

With my partner as well, it’s just us three, and he will be working on Christmas day. I do plan on roasting a turkey and veges, figuring out what desert we’ll have (probably pavlova with fruit on top), and then proceeding to live off that for 4 days straight. Presents have already been exchanged between us, and the only thing left is to sit there and eat chocolate from our chocolate stockings and watch our baby try to eat wrapping paper.

I love Christmas. The spirit of it all, the family and food and cheeriness that’s almost mandatory. I hate the pressure of trying to host one for myself and others and make it still feel special somehow. Maybe my own personal tradition will be trying to make it feel smoother and merrier each year. This year can be year 1.

– Caitlin –

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