Third Trimester – Week 29 to 40

And the final trimester finally arrived! Of course, I still had months to go and stuff to get done. But in this time frame I would start maternity leave, finish gathering all the things I thought I would need, have a baby shower, and start taking the whole birth thing more seriously.

I had maternity leave booked to start at 34 weeks as is the standard here in Australia – but as I found myself constantly being unable to go in to work due to fatigue, and morning sickness coming back with a vengeance, I decided to start it at 32 weeks. I also had some pain as well through my belly and pelvis so taking some time off early was a no brainer.

Baby Shower fruit basket

My baby shower was thrown at 34 weeks by my lovely family. It was small which was perfect! I’m not a huge fan of being the centre of attention, especially around multiple people. We had family and family friends around and we all enjoyed some food and the weather. It was warm that day – I remember seeing the forecast of 35 degrees and thinking “how is my pregnant ass going to sit outside in the heat?!” but it ended up being great. It was also really nice to see everyone gathered knowing that I would be leaving the city soon and moving to a new town.

Of the gathering of items – I made sure I had a change table or a safe spot to change her, cot, bassinet, a car seat fitted in properly, and a pram for getting out and about. I did intend on getting a baby carrier (at the time of writing this it’s due to arrive via post today) but didn’t find the time to do so. While I love having her in the pram so she can fall asleep in there and I can get some exercise and not get all sweaty and sticky against her, I will say, a baby carrier would be fantastic – but thats for another time.

34 weeks 4 days pregnant

And of course, I had to prepare for giving birth! My sister gifted me a diaper bag that’s big enough to pack in all her essentials. I took with me plenty of wraps to wrap her up in, a blanket in case it was cold, diapers, wipes, dummies, and 4 outfits for her (onesies really are the best, even the plain white ones – button up even better). For myself I only packed a change of clothes, pads for afterwards, some giant undies for comfort purposes (seriously I was about to push a human out – definitely not going for sexy or cute), and my hairbrush/toothbrush. I had to send for shampoo and conditioner, body wash, comfier pjs, and plenty of snacks post birth so note for next time (if there is a next time) – BRING SHOWER STUFF CAUSE SHOWERS FEEL AMAZING.

I’ll leave my birth story for another time, back to the final few months of pregnancy;

I was in an increasing amount of pain moving around, my pelvis and belly hurt, my abs hurt, getting up and down was an ordeal. I had to go to the bathroom two to three times overnight, each time I had to go, baby would wake up and wriggle about making it more difficult to get to sleep.

People who told me to “sleep while you can” I don’t think remember what it’s like. I find myself falling asleep much better now, than when I was pregnant. At least now I can bound out of bed pain free, and when I lay down, I can get into any position I want and fall asleep. Being heavily pregnant, I had to lie in an uncomfortable position most the time as there wasn’t any comfortable ones, dealing with pain from my joints and organs being squished, and a wriggly baby. Rolling over in bed was painful as well. Think of a 5 point turn in your car, and then convert that to rolling over from left to right.

I ended up going into labour at 38 weeks 3 days so I didn’t make it all the way to 40 weeks. Overall, the third trimester was okay. I wasn’t throwing up which was good, but I was in a lot of physical pain and discomfort. It really was a waiting game for an unknown date which was very frustrating. I would probably say the second trimester is still my favourite. It had more changes in it than the third trimester, and I had a lot more energy to do things.

– Caitlin –

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