Week 17

As of last week I’m beginning to feel both more and less pregnant at the same time.

Going from 15-16 weeks, I had a few major changes. I was no longer nauseous all the time, I felt like I could no longer physically suck my stomach in (which I usually do out of habit when I put on my work skirt). I also got sick around this time with a cold which is still lingering 2 weeks later (also you can’t take cold medicine when your pregnant, so hello nasal spray). 

Once I hit that 16 week mark I really began to notice that my skin was changing and my moods were becoming more reliant on my hormones. I began to have redder and more bumpier skin. I don’t typically wear any foundation or makeup so this did take a small hit on my confidence levels. Also in the beginning, I didn’t really feel as though my hormone levels had much effect on my moods. Now however, I can be grumpy or angry at things for no reason other than I don’t want it to be that way. I do compare myself to a 12-13 year old when they first get those hormones and all logic and reason goes out the window. So far I’ve gotten angry and worked up over a rocking chair I found in a store (I really want it but my partner thinks they have one buried somewhere – not a necessary purchase but I want my own, damnit!), and my tolerance for some types of banter has just shot down completely. Also when people are rude to me now at work (coworker or customer/patient) I go from 0 to 100 real quick, which isn’t great for my job and 9 times out of 0 I wont take it out on the person, I find myself becoming shorter and blunter with rude people.

My stomach has begun to grow. It definitely has a shape forming. So far I’ve had 2 coworkers comment on me growing, and another one go ahead and touch my belly without asking. Though baby is still tiny and the bump isn’t that large, they still went ahead and touched (which again, not cool dude. Just because I’m pregnant and friendly towards everyone doesn’t mean you can touch me without asking). 

Another thing that has changed more recently is my breasts have begun to get sore. Not when I wear a bra or I’m walking around, but when I’m in bed without one, or when I take it off. They haven’t gone up in size but theyre definitely….heavily. More dense. Gravity is painful. Sometimes I wonder if my body was meant to do this with all these wonderful things.

And the newest thing as of 2 days ago is lower back pain. Feels like pressure and a bit achey. Warm baths and heatpacks have become my new best friend.

In non-baby related news, I have moved back in with my family. My brother and his partner will be renting my place for 2 months which allows me to save a bit of money which is very helpful. Though it does test my patience, and given my hormones and moods have become….volatile doesn’t seem like the right word but I can’t think of a better one, living with family is a bit tiring. I do however enjoy the home cooked meals at night. That is something I will never complain about again.

– Caitlin –

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