Others Expectations

Little rant on my behalf; how excited should I appear when I tell you I’m pregnant? Honestly.

Yes, I am excited. But I also have concerns and am being realistic about the whole thing. There’s my health, and the baby’s. Our combined health during the pregnancy, which at any stage over the course of 9 months could go from great to horrible in the space of a day.

There’s my concerns about after I give birth, recovering, and making sure I am doing the right thing and best thing for my new child. Making sure I am coping well as a new mother, meeting my childs needs, being a good parent, and also being a semi-decent partner (which realistically, I know I may be crabby for a bit and he knows this too so this isn’t too high on my concerned pile).

But when I tell you I’m pregnant and I’m not jumping for joy, leaping around and telling you all about my future plans and colour patterns I want to buy and my dreams for a certain gender, this doesn’t mean I’m not excited. I’m tired, I have morning sickness and I’m struggling to get enough water in for the pair of us.

I am excited to have this baby, but I’m also realistic, and I simply don’t feel the need to put on an act and showcase my excitement for you.

If you are someone that I speak to regularly, like my Mum/sister/partner, then you know how excited I am. Everyone else, take my word for it and stop asking me “are you excited? You don’t seem that excited”, because it’s frustrating and puts me in an awkward position of feeling like I have to over explain myself and validate my emotions to, essentially, an acquaintance, or friend-of-a-friend.

– Caitlin –

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