Week 10

Nearing the end of the first trimester now – honestly I could not be happier.

For the last 3 weeks I have been so incredibly sick. Struggling to keep even water down – I’ve been dehydrated, hungry yet throwing everything up, dizzy and tired, and just outright miserable.

Granted there have been a few moments on a few days where I’ve felt okay and it’s been so incredible to feel normal again. Overall however, just not enjoying myself at this stage. Everyone’s promising me that I will feel better in 2-4 weeks time, I just hope they’re right for my sake. Whenever someone tells me “I was sick until 18/20/38 weeks”, I low-key want to punch them in the face. Great and all to share your tips and tricks with me but telling me useless shit like that, boy oh boy why do you insist on squishing my hope of being able to eat a meal and not worry what it’s going to taste like, or the texture of it, when it comes back up? Just let me quietly hope in peace, and keep your horror stories to yourself!

Changes – apart from the morning sickness, it’s mostly just overly tender and sensitive nipples! Which may be a little TMI but honestly, I could be taking off my bra and just the slightest graze from my shirt will hurt. Sometimes I could compare it to chafing, but I know that in a years time they’re going to feel so much worse (potentially, which ain’t cool to tell me about either dude).  I’ve also become the master of napping everywhere I go. I can nap on the floor, at work, in my car. Doesn’t matter where, I crash hard. Which does sometimes seem like a handy trick, but being tired all the time is kind of frustrating. Particularly when all I want to do is grab a can of energy drink and go at it, but they’re off limits sadly.

In other news, I’ve just been working and sleeping constantly. I am planning a little holiday in a few weeks time just to get away from work and life and to relax a bit. Flights aren’t booked yet so closer to the time maybe I’ll be able to talk and not jinx myself.

For the next week, we just focus on feeling better and hydrating and getting through the work days and back to my bed for naps.

– Caitlin –

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