The Beginning

I don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s start with earlier on last week (and fair warning, a bit TMI here).

I remember having a sharp cramp, very brief, a few days before my period. Thinking, “oh, maybe I’ll be early this month”, I prepared accordingly (and listened to my body very closely so I wouldn’t be caught off guard). As each day went by, I was no longer early. And then a day late. And then two days late. At this point, I went to the pharmacy and got a pregnancy test. And surprise surprise! It came back positive!

I’m still yet to be shocked. I kind of just, saw the result, accepted it, and now we’re booking appointments, eating well, and taking prenatal vitamins.

At this stage I’m only 5 weeks – it’s super early. Too early to be running around shouting from the rooftop. There are so many things that could happen – and to be completely honest – I’m terrified of miscarrying or anything going wrong at all.

I’m excited, and nervous, and hopeful.

Knowing that it’s still early and uncertain, I’m keeping it from all but immediate family and my partner. Although I am telling you guys of course! Both because I’m excited, and I want to share it with someone. And, regardless of what happens over the next 35 weeks, this is my first pregnancy, and I want to document what happens.

As to changes this week – I’ve really only noticed how much thirstier I am. And bloated. I haven’t yet felt much nausea (thankfully) which makes going to work so much easier. I have noticed that I no longer crave chocolate or really find myself wanting to eat it. A few times this week I’ve been offered chocolate and I turned it down. Unsure if that’s related but it’s different to normal!

– Caitlin –

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