Finding My Drive

Writing and being creative is something that I love doing – I can easily find myself losing hours planning things out and trying to execute it perfectly, not wanting to go to bed when I really should be so I can function at work the next day.

Being creative recently…I’ve been struggling. Not because I don’t want to or the idea’s aren’t there, but simply because I’m struggling to find motivation. What gets me to sit down and express myself or even be myself?

I think I’ve been under a lot of stress recently that I simply put everything that I enjoy doing on the back burner – or more accurately, removed from the stove, turned off the gas, and walked away. Now that I have begun to get things under control again, I almost feel ready to get back to it. To have that time and want to be myself and let myself enjoy things that aren’t essential to my survival. 

And with that, I plan on trying to be more true to myself. Allow myself to explore all the things I’ve wanted to do and try not to put pressure on myself to perform.

At the moment I’m bundling it all up into happiness, productivity, and passion. I’m ready to refocus and grow again.

– Caitlin –

Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

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