Self Care Week

I have spent the last week in a cleaning and sleep deprived frenzy. With a changing work schedule, moving in to a new place, and the first week of studies, it’s been a little crazy.

Now that the week is over, my place is clean and tidy, and I’ve almost completed all my studies and submitted my work. Though completely exhausted and fatigued, but I feel as though I’ve accomplished a lot.

Looking onward to next week – I think it’s time I changed the pace – self care week coming up.

The few things I’m going to stick by this week;

  • Home cooked meals – and definitely eat breakfast everyday
  • Take some relaxation time each evening, be it sitting down with a cup of tea, reading for an hour, guilty pleasure Netflix binge, or face mask and nail time.
  • Walk or run at least 3 times this week – while at the time of exercise I don’t necessarily enjoy it – I will absolutely love myself once I’ve finished. It truly is a good feeling.

Truthfully I should be doing these things without even thinking about it, but with such a busy schedule this past week, I’m feeling a little frazzled.

Sometimes I need a reminder to take care of myself – make sure I don’t burn out.

Do you have something you like to do to take care of yourself?

– Caitlin –


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