Change in Seasons

It’s finally getting colder!

love the colder months because they can be so much more…practical? At least clothing wise. I’m not even sure if that’s the right word to use.

Comparing the hotter months to the cold – in the heat it’s all sweaty and sticky and people who are moving outside work up a funky smell. Apart from the flowers and clear blue skies, warmer months suck! Not to mention you can’t exactly strip down in the middle of a public area to cool off.

The cold however, if you feel cold, put a jumper on! Feeling cold still, try a scarf, or a heavier coat. And when you get inside it’s warm and cozy and you can always get more comfortable. It also makes for some super cozy relaxation time after work or on weekends.

Basically, I’m super excited for the weather to get colder.

Though I do live in Western Australia, our absolute low at night is -1C, the day time is crisp and cool. Today for instance, it’s a brisk 21C at the peak. Winter is finally coming after our absent Summer. I’m ready for a change in seasons (also a change in fashion, bring on the jumpers and boots).

– Cate –

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