Becoming an Author

I’ve been searching recently for some new books to read. I considered a subscription box service such as OwlCrate where I would get a random book once a month with some random bits and bobs attached. Or trying out a book club and getting some socializing in as well. Goodreads also have a tonne of lists with books on them to go through. But none of that seemed to really fit what I was looking for (also subscription boxes are expensive to ship to Australia).
What I’m looking for is something fresh. Not necessarily a new release. Something fresh, with a good story line, strong characters, and a style of writing that can take me in and absorb every bit of my mind.
I’m sure many books can do this, but where would I begin to look for them?
So in my internet travels and searching and clicking, I stumbled across a Q&A from a blogger who is also an author who has written nearly 25 books (I know right, dayum girl) and it clicked! – what if I try writing my own novels. I have a few ideas. I’m impulsive and have a wild imagination. I bet I could tell a good story, or at least learn something by trying to write one.
And that was it. I decided to write my own book. The topic, contents, everything else – top secret stuff. Keeping it all hush hush.
I haven’t quite figured out the details yet. How long I want it to be, at what stage I want it to begin and end, which point of view I want the readers to see the character. And once I finally manage to finish, how will I get my story out to the world. Beginning to think about it I can feel the doubt and second guessing coming into the forefront of my mind, so for now, we’re going to wing it. Cross that bridge when we get there. Not everything has to be decided now. And who knows, it may even take me years to finish this thing before I’m happy with it. And so let’s begin. Chapter one.
– Cate –

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