Super Work Week

Hi Guys!

I’ve been a bit absent due to complete lack of doing things. For example, I didn’t return to work until this week, and as such, didn’t really leave the house and get out there and do much. I also didn’t do any reading or studying, or any of the things I was supposed to (was recovering though so there’s that). And as such didn’t think yet another post on my recovery would be warranted. And so I went quiet!

It’s given me some time to think though – particularly this week as works been a bit slow – and I’m ready to come back at it a bit more refreshed.

Granted I don’t have much time on my hands with how much I have to travel to get to and from work, and then cooking and bed. Of which I’ve been trying to get into a routine of sleeping within a certain hour (its not working but a girl can dream of a full night’s sleep). I fully plan on being more active in blogging. With at least a minimum of one post a week. NOT A LOT TO ASK OF MYSELF. But I will put that goal there. Just for a little nudge.

– Cate –

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