My Secret Garden (and week in recovery)

I’ve had this week off work to recover from surgery – and as a general update – it’s had a few bumps and scrapes but I think I’m over the hump now and from here on out it should all be better. And to help me along – FRUIT! Today I am enjoying myself outside on my new-ish outdoor table, laptop, fruit, water, and a small dog to keep me company. I’ve been cooped up inside for a week so I figured it was time to force some fresh air upon myself and make my way outside for a solid hour.


At the moment I rent a house with my partner and little did we know before we moved in (the garden was horribly overgrown) we had vegetables growing. Which also meant we had vegetable plants we had to keep alive for a year. Yay. Neither of us have ever gardened before. I mean, why would we have? Sure we’ve grown a plant in a pot that our parents took over after a week, or weeded for pocket money so we can buy that sweet toy we’ve had our eye on, but a newly planted garden requiring maintenance – we’re out of our depth.


I have been giving it a go (my Mum assures me all you have to do is water them daily and they’ll live) which has also in my daily routine of watering at some ungodly hour of the morning, made me begin to wonder, ‘what are we growing?’. Sure, I can spot the chili bush and the mint. I think one plant is a half dead capsicum bush. The others….we shall wait and see…IF I can keep them alive.

There’s also two tree’s that I have no idea what they’re supposed to be growing. I’m sure I wont be here long enough to find out but it bugs me every time I water the thing.


I took to planting my own stuff in some big deep pots. Knowing I’d be going in less than a years time to (hopefully) get my own place. Though as you can probably see, I’m not too great at keeping it looking healthy. In my own pots I planted spinach and rocket, celery, spring onion, and a dwarf lemon tree (that one day will be planted in the ground on my own property). Also, a flower pot. Because where else would I start with my amateur growing skills?


– Cupcate –

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