Week In Review; April 9th

Hey guys!

This week has been a monster to tackle. Though it was simple and straight forward in the fact that I only had one thing to do and focus on – the recovery and pain post surgery was chaotic.

The Good
I finally had my surgery! I can finally put this dermoid behind me and get back on track with everything. I truly only noticed it before because I was attempting to listen to my body and take cues from it to become healthier and feel better – plus it was painful – but as some may know it can feel like an intense menstrual cramp. Nevertheless, it is done. YAY.

I also had so much support post surgery as well. From my partner whom I live with, he has been nothing but helpful and wonderful to me. As I had surgery that involved my abdomen, I couldn’t sit or stand or really do anything that involves your abdominals. So massive thanks to him for helping me do literally everything (including cleaning the entire house for the rental insepction by himself).

The Bad
I cannot begin to accurately describe what it feels like as I haven’t anything to compare it to. I imagine this is what pregnant ladies feel like after they’ve had a cesarean, or if you were 9 months pregnant. It feels like an immense pressure on my lower stitches, a complete lack of control over when and how I can move, and if I try to roll or rotate in any way, a tearing and internal-organ-squishing-moving sensation. Not particularly pleasant.

Also totally TMI if you’ve had surgery, you will know, you cannot go to the bathroom for days. Which leads to feeling like you’ve literally eaten about 5 meals worth of food all stuck in your intestines and whenever you eat next your full instantly cause the food’s still sitting there. Yup, gross. But hey, happens to everyone let’s be real about it.

I also had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic as well. From passing out/fainting three times in hospital overnight whenever I had to get up to pee (luckily the nurses were there to catch me), to feeling as though someones sitting on my chest and I can hardly breathe, anaesthetic sucks. 


Today is day 4 post-op and I am able to walk around and get up and down okay. I still feel a bit out of breath and as though my insides are trying to come out of my stitches but at least I’m semi-independent at moving around my house.

– Cupcate –

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