Week In Review; April 2nd

Hey Guys!

How are we all? Hope you are all well and had a nice week. I had a pretty relaxed week myself. At my office job we rotate around different desks and tasks either each day or each week and this week I had a pretty cruisy desk which is awesome.

The Good
I had my bike brought over to my house! Yaaaaaay!!! I, a 22 year old, haven’t gotten my license yet. Which is mildly (incredibly) inconvenient and as such I rely heavily on my bike. It’s been at my Mum’s house for the past 6 weeks and my wonderful Mum brought it over today. Though I wish I had it last week to get a few more days use out of it, it makes me super happy to know that it’s there, and when I’m well enough I can use it whenever.

Also I did some gardening this week. Along with my flowers, I also planted a lemon tree, spring onion, spinach, rocket, and celery – all in pots of course. I have this vision that when I get my own house I will plant a tree and when I eventually sell or whatnot, there will be a big, old tree there. As I’m renting at the moment, that’s not really realistic, so I settled for a potted tree. For now….

I also finally have a tv! As someone who is out of the house from 6am to 6pm, in bed by 10pm, I am super super EXCITED to finally incorporate some television time into my cooking time. I never really noticed, but cooking dinner every night with no background noise or plain music – which I listen to when I commute to and from work – makes cooking really boring. So for the couple of nights that I will be cooking, and when the AFL comes on, I can finally watch it on my new tv!

The Bad
This week has been really cruisy – which is a great thing! – but I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to think. And as a few of you may know, I have surgery on April 5th. That’s only 3 days away! I’ve begun getting quite nervous and anxious about it all. Though I am in pain and I need to go in, I just really don’t want to go to hospital. I have so many concerns and fears, and most of all, I just really want to stay home to recover instead of being around strangers in a hospital environment.

My beautiful little dog Bailey keeps peeing inside as well. She knows better by now (I’d hope so, she’s 6 – almost 7) but she just – something about shaggy rugs, particularly bath mats, she loves to wee on. We’ve had to wash it twice this week so a coworker has given me her odor neutralizer in the hopes that it will stop her and help any emergency clean ups that happen before our first rental inspection this Friday.


So, how was your week?

– Cupcate –

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