Week In Review; March 26th

Hey Guys!

This week has been a stressful one. From a stressful week at work, to a million things to be done at home, I am glad this week is over.

The Good
I went shopping three nights after work this week, which was actually really nice. I only purchased items on the last trip (longest decision making ever) and I am in love with what I bought (see image below – my first ever pair of Rose Gold anything).

Rose Gold earrings from Michael Hill

I also started writing daily in a diary which has made me realise how therapeutic writing can be. I know, I write blog posts I should’ve realised by now, but writing my thoughts, plans, and every little personal rant out feels amazing. If anyone out there hasn’t tried writing daily (and yes, I am starting each day with “Dear Diary“) I 100% recommend you try it out.

Also, I signed up to a course and started studying! Hooray!!! I love learning, and I want to keep progressing and pursuing. This week I took another step toward doing so, which makes me feel accomplished, and in turn happy with myself.

And I finally got my outdoor table! I have been wanting an outdoor table for 2 weeks now and I’ve finally got one and it’s beautiful and amazing and I’m in love with it. The perfect size and colouring – I couldn’t be happier with that purchase.

The Bad
Work was horrible this week so I am glad it’s over and done with. Without going into too much detail (because that could land me in deep trouble) every person that either rang or came in in person was a nightmare to deal with.

I also had acrylic nails on and they hurt so much. NEVER AGAIN! I promptly removed them after 4 days – but boy-oh-boy was it a process to remove them. After soaking them on and off for 30-45 minutes I had to peel/rip them off. Now my nails are a shredded mess that I’ve tried to hide with nude nail polish.

Also my dog wee’d inside twice. In one day. Normally I wouldn’t be so panicky about it, but this is a rental property and I really don’t want to ruin someone else’s stuff (we cleaned it, scrubbed it, washed it, and vacuumed it, we’re good now).


So tell me, how was your week?

– Cupcate –

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