Start of Something New

Hey guys!

Sensitive topic for myself (big ego) – education. To some people’s amazement, I actually never finished high school. Never finished a degree (despite the amount of time I spent in university) and never received any kind of certificate for any qualification. I am qualification-less.

Now, I love learning. It’s something I enjoy immensely. I love finding more out about space and astronomy and physics, maths, history, literature. Discovering languages and how they pronounce things and the letters they use. The world to me is fascinating and I want to drown myself in the knowledge of everything.

Problem being, I find learning at someone else’s pace incredibly slow, or fast, or I get intimidated and lose all motivation. But enough is enough! I’m putting on my big girl hat and shoes and taking the courage to tell myself, “you want to learn? Good. So be clever about it and take the baby steps. Start from scratch”. And telling myself that is hard, incredibly hard. I want to jump in the deep end and explore and see all the cool stuff without learning how it came to be that way, only the why.

No, I haven’t gone and enrolled in high school to complete it, nor have I been silly enough to jump in university again after my many attempts. I enrolled in a TAFE course to get recognition for the skills that I have already acquired from working, with the second half of the course being something completely different. I had so many idea’s in my head as to what I wanted to do, and directions I could take but ultimately I stuck with something that I know works, and after this course (which goes from 6 months to a year) I have choices as to what  path I want to do next. And who knows, perhaps eventually I will have courage enough to finish high school, and do many more certificates, and even one day get a degree.

Wish me luck guys. And I truly hope to keep learning as much as possible about everything (is it possible to be a student forever??? Sign me up).

– Cupcate –

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