Abdominal Pain Diagnosis

Recently I’ve been having some abdominal pains (I say ‘recently’ but it’s been more like 6-12months). And as a female I always assumed they were just cramps from and upcoming period, ovulation, or having any dairy – the pains were bloody well timed to think it was a dairy problem.

I finally went to the doctor to get a lactose intolerance test and he ordered a couple of ultrasounds and overall blood work just to cover all the bases. On one of the ultrasounds they found an ovarian dermoid (WARNING: pictures are gross). For those who don’t want to risk the photo’s – it’s like a cyst, except it contains hair, teeth, glands, and oil. And you’re born with it. Yup. Gross.

Treatment for a dermoid is laparoscopic surgery – or keyhole surgery. After seeing the specialists and surgeons, we’ve booked in for April 5th. While incredibly scared, I’m also super relieved to get it out and then hopefully I will be pain free!

– Cupcate –

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