Advanced Screening: A United Kingdom

On Wednesday (30th November) I attended an advanced screening for ‘A United Kingdom‘. The experience was a first for myself, but overall the movie was a great snapshot of issues in England, South Africa, and Africa in the 1940-50’s.


Let me start off by saying, I really did enjoy the movie. I have never been educated on the history of any African countries so it was really interesting to learn a bit about it. However my experience in the cinema itself was…frustrating. Unfortunately I was stuck next to a man with horrible breathe who breathed through his mouth the entire time. But not to let his poor hygiene ruin the movie, I plugged up my nose and soldiered on.

A United Kingdom‘ is the story of Bechuanalands (now Botswana) last King and the journey the country took to becoming a democracy. The movie really did provide a snapshot into society and culture in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The politics, racism, segregation, and community reactions to every situation.

As well as a snapshot into England, and the political processes in making decisions in parliament. Without giving too much away, it was honestly quite interesting to see how England lost its hold on a country and the wealth it was about to find.

If you’re interested in movies based on true events, or interested in learning a bit more about that part of the world, I’d recommend picking up the book at your local library or seeing the movie.

A United Kingdom‘ comes out in cinema’s boxing day.

-Cupcate –

Thanks to Dymocks for giving me the opportunity to see A United Kingdom.

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