Flashbacks *cringe*

Do you ever find yourself doing something absent mindedly or your following through on a train of thought only to be reminded of that super awkward situation that happened x-years ago?

This happens a lot, and it’s always the same scene…

Throw back to PAX 2015…. After the first few days myself, my boyfriend, some of his (now ex) CSGO teammates, and some new friends went out to grab some drinks at a pub near the event. Being a massive lightweight and not realising how drunk I am without moving around, I drank every drink offered to me thinking I was fine. Queue 4 drinks later, busting to pee, I climb out of the bench I’m sitting on (super awkwardly as well as I’m wearing tight jeans that allow zero movement), and almost stumbled backwards into the river. Yeah, we were sitting at a park bench table right next to the river. Great choice. Everyone notices me stumbled backwards and one of my boyfriends new friends and a teammate says “ooh watch it bit drunk there”. Me and my stupid mouth replies with “it’s the seat I’m too short to get out of it“. *FACEPALM* Now I am quite short. 160cm or 5ft 3″, but still the seats weren’t that tall! The two that noticed kind of looked at each other and looked at my boyfriend, who was staring at me asking if I was okay to go to the toilet by myself. Immediately embarrassed, I just excused myself and half walked/ran to the bathroom looking as sober as possible.

It’s been just over a year later, and that situation still haunts me (granted at the time I had mad social anxiety which made everything seem like life or death).

Why couldn’t I have just played it cool and said “yeah I’m a lightweight mate”, or literally ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL!

I haven’t seen any of those people since then, and quite frankly, I’m glad. Hopefully my wonderful brain will soon stop torturing me with flashbacks to that moment and I can pretend like it never happened…

– Cupcate –

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