Your Happy Place

We can all agree this past year has been one heck of a roller coaster ride. As an Australian living in Australia, domestically our scene has been pretty chill. A few shark sightings, some controversial “reality tv” results, and that sums up our year! But our media has been plagued with coverage of the election campaign from America – which has made this year a nightmare.

I wont go over the campaigns, or who won, or what my thoughts are on the results, or the nominee’s.

But I will say that, while the campaigns I’m sure are important to Americans, I’d rather hear about actual news from the world instead of which nominee tweeted what.

About 10 minutes before the winner had officially gotten enough votes, I was blindsided afterwards by an overwhelming flood of fear, panic, and sadness from all social media platforms. Instagram was full of people crying, Snapchat of people ranting (including the snapchat stories – come on people give me something else to watch!), and Twitter was filled with those who were both, trying to start petitions against the result, and those who were so shocked they starting attacking everyone who thought differently. This lasted for more than 48 hours.

As someone who is highly empathetic, this got to me. Not any of the election stuff, but the fear, and sadness. It became impossible for me to go online and not be confronted with all these posts. Including news websites.

I became so upset by this that I banned myself from social media and news sites for a few days, withdrawing into movies and games.

Coming back online, I was scared. I just wanted to come on, see the friendly debates on reddit threads, people being nice to each other in replies, and have a look at what some youtubers were up to. As this was not the case, I started to think “if only there was a site I could go where there was nothing negative and it would cheer my up if I’m ever down“. I quickly realised this was not going to ever be the case. Some troll will always want to tear it down for entertainment. So I decided to create my own. A private page where I can go if I’m ever feeling down, look at pictures of everything cute or funny, and feel better.

Have you created your happy place online, or have somewhere you like to go?

– Cupcate –

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