Over Exercising & Injuries

This past week has been a sore one – though I’m not complaining, I worked hard and have learnt a valuable lesson from it. Here’s a run down of all the exercise I did to lead up to my wonderfully annoying injury;

Monday as usual, was volleyball – we played double games again (2x 42 minute games) and left feeling great!

Tuesday I did a 2km run. Wasn’t really feeling it so I decided to rest on Wednesday to get hydrated and eat better.

Thursday felt great! I ran 2km, broke some personal bests and was super happy with my progress. Later on that evening I decided to go visit my boyfriend and didn’t have bus money to do so, but my uncle did have a bike… So I rode the 18km to his house, took just over an hour, and suprisingly it didn’t feel that bad.

Friday – I should have rested. Why didn’t I rest? I felt pretty good, not sore in my legs at all, and decided “hmm let’s go running today and end this week on a high“. Boy was I wrong…

I had gotten to the 800 meter mark of my 2km run and the calf cramps hit me. I felt like I couldn’t walk – these were more painful than any cramp I had felt. I was almost in tears as I was making my way home. Once I did get home I could barely move. My right shin hurt so much.

Come Saturday I still couldn’t walk on it properly. I was unable to use my right leg to get up out of a chair, or put any pressure on it when stepping up slightly, or rolling out of bed. Over the weekend I had to change to using my left leg for everything.

Today is Tuesday – 5 days after the bicycle ride, 4 days after my horrible idea of running, 1 day after beach volleyball. My right leg/shin is still in pain. 

I’ve always heard people saying “don’t over work yourself, take some rest days“, and never thought anything of it. I’d always assumed they were being lazy when it came to getting exercise and wanted an excuse to stay at home and watch tv. Lesson learnt guys, take rest days and be realistic about what you can do

I do plan on riding 16-18km again, it’s a great way to get exercise and free transport! But will definitely take a rest day afterwards.

– Cupcate –

I will be resting until Monday next week, and will assess if I’m ready again after volleyball.

2 thoughts on “Over Exercising & Injuries

    1. I’ve tried to do weights a few times – both at the gym and at home – and always feel weird doing it. As if the order I’m doing it in is wrong, or I’m not doing the right kind of weight lifting activity thing.

      Will try to do more body weight things and such though! Squats, planks, and push ups are what I’m comfortable doing so far.


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