A Healthy Change (sorta)

Both myself and my boyfriend want to lose weight. We both have the same goal in mind as to the amount of weight we want to lose. But we’re both completely lost as to where to begin.

The newest idea that we’ve had is the 5/2 diet + exercise + meal prep = win.

Going from a testimony/result from a woman he works with, it’s something that he is more than willing to try. And hey, why shouldn’t I try it with him! However I want to try it doing meal prep, or at least planning my food the night before (for anyone confused, meal prep would be pre-making and pre-packaging the food, whereas planning my food would be simply writing down what I will end up eating that day).

As for the exercise, well, as I write this I know I will end up doing the weekly Jacobs Ladder workout in 6 hours and I’m honestly thinking up of different excuses to get out of it. I also plan to run around a local route I’ve done a few times already. I wish to incorporate some kind of toning/weights/somethingotherthancardio into it but it’s a bit overwhelming.

Hopefully, once this plan of ours does get underway, knowing that I will be doing it with someone – or competing against them – will make me continue doing it.

– Cupcate –

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