Volleyball – Week 3

I gotta say, I am actually improving at volleyball. Last night we filled in for another team as well (yay more games) and I almost dove. I have this fear of diving, even though we’re on sand, that it’ll hurt and I’ll get stomped on by someone trying to get to the ball. It’s not entirely irrational, but still pretty far fetched and dumb. But I half dove!

Game 1 went okay, getting into the flow of things. We were down a player (5 on court instead of 6) and as a result we all ran around a lot more.

Set 1: 13-12
Set 2: 15-18
Set 3: 12-21

We lost, as you can see, but it was a looooot of fun. Definitely need to work on our stamina. Also I tend to, as time goes on, serve the ball into the side of the net (which is a point for them), which sucks. But hey, something to focus on next week!

Game 2 was awesome. We won! Yaaaaaaay! Easily in the flow of it and everyone on the team was finally in sync and calling and whatnot.

Set 1: 24-16
Set 2: 15-18
Set 3: 24-12

– Cupcate –

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