Volleyball + Sick

Hiya guys!

I had volleyball again this Monday and guess what – we finally WON! Thanks to my awesome team that didn’t hit the ball my way as I am currently sick and really shouldn’t have been going outside around people, let alone touching a ball that 11 other people will be handling (sorry guys).

First set we got slaughtered 18-35, warm up set, trust! Second set we won 20-12 which was a great energy boost on the team, and third set ended on 19-8. Yup. We finally did it. Officially not the most hopeless Monday evening team anymore. Go us!

But yes, I am unfortunately run down with a virus at the moment. Usually I don’t really mind being sick as I’m always at my computer anyway, but having to breathe through my mouth for a few days has left my throat and lips incredibly dry, doesn’t help that I’ve misplaced my chapstick! Typical.

For the few days that I’ve been sick so far, I’ve been bouncing between my computer and my bedroom. I’m a big fan of creating a nest in bed with all the things I could do whilst relaxing. Perhaps I will share those things with you another time!

– Cupcate –

17/10/2016 Scores
Set 1: 18 – 35
Set 2: 20-12
Set 3: 19-8

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