My New Hobby

For a while, on and off, my boyfriend and I have gone with some friends on random Fridays to a social volleyball night. For $15 you play as many games as you want – no prefriday team organising required either, come with or without friends, and play until your exhausted and covered in sand in all the weird places.

We decided last week (we being myself, my volleyball friend, and boyfriend) to join in the Monday night league. Instead we now pay $13 each, and play 3 sets – or games – back to back. Each set lasts 14 minutes and the centre provides an umpire or ref (whichever it’s called).

Yesterday was the very first session! Initial thoughts? I wish it went longer, I really do truly enjoy playing volleyball. My ‘team’ is relaxed, we all try but have fun doing it, and its just, fun (although painful for a while for your arms).

Hopefully next week we’ll be better. As my volleyball friend would say, “become a cohesive unit – move as a unit to become one!”.

– Cupcate –

10/10/2016 Scores
Set 1: 17 – 14
Set 2: 11-20
Set 3: 15-18

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