I Have a Job!….Kinda

Last week I went for an interview with Hays Recruitment. Which is basically a temp firm that will find a job for you, or ‘loan’ you out to a company that needs a fill in for any number of reasons.

I am super grateful that I now have someone else helping me find work, because lets be real for a moment, not having a job and having your family support you financially when you know they themselves aren’t doing all that great, is extremely stressful and not sustainable. But yes, I am technically employed now (yay!). Now to await an ‘assignment’.

I also have a job interview later on this week to be a Christmas Casual in retail. If you’re unfamiliar with that term (do you live in Narnia!?) it’s people who get hired to work from November to January to assist with Christmas madness.

Although the pay in retail will be less than working in an office, at least this way I definitely know that I have weekly work and some kind of income. Even though I will eventually get a temp job somewhere at some point, the waiting for the phone call or email is a slow but steady drain of hope.

But here’s to hoping I get either a temp assignment, or employed as a Christmas Casual!

– Cupcate –

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