Introducing the Nightmare Series

Hi all!

I am one of those people who (annoyingly to me) has dreams regularly. Once upon a time they made sense and I actually enjoyed having them. Nowadays they’re more a series of events that make no sense logically and have zero flow. But with the wonderful dreams (being a princess, travelling, flying, being a wizard, having super awesome sleepover parties, and all the imaginary dreamland friends) there are also the super vivid nightmares.

Normally a nightmare would be a once off occurrence, wouldn’t have that dream again. However me and my brilliant brain has these dreams for weeks on end with physical side affects. So I figure, hey, why not share them with you guys! Maybe you guys might have similar reactions or experiences when it comes to dreaming.

Introducing my new nightmare series – a collection of my recurring nightmares that I’ve had over the years.

– Cupcate –

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