Finding a Hobby

I have been unemployed and out of a learning environment for two months now. At first it seemed everything was great! I could wake up whenever, do what I wanted, no pressure to be anywhere or see anyone or get dressed a certain way to appease an employer.

But as time has gone on, it has taken a toll on my mental health, and this isn’t the first time these circumstances have done that.

However, to focus on moving forward and trying to be productive and social again, I have decided to try find a new hobby!! A few ideas I’ve been throwing around with my family are art classes, sports, martial arts, yoga, or pilates.

The biggest hurdle for now is finding something that is cheap and available via public transport. I’m happy to travel up to an hour to get somewhere to do something, but so long as that isn’t horribly late at night.

Other than looking into classes or teams, I have been trying my very best to exercise as much as possible. Going for runs daily makes me feel as though I’ve done something that day and it does feel good to feel productive. For the past 2 days though I haven’t exercised as my right ankle is a bit twingy, and my left hamstring is on the verge of being pulled. But hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back out there getting my endurance up (one day I want to be able to run all the charity races).

– Cupcate –

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