Travel: Relaxing in Phuket

I recently went to London and Paris for a week each with my family. After the week in Paris each one of us went our separate ways to a new destination. For me, I went home for 42 hours before jumping on a plane headed for Phuket, Thailand. This is my week of adventures in Phuket;

I swung by home to pick up some more summer clothes, wash my Europe ones, and repack for the holiday destination of Phuket. Instead of having 6 other family members with me, I was going with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years.


We stayed at the Pullmans Arcadia which is absolutely stunning. Though it is very isolated and a minimum 20 minute drive to Patong shopping strip, the isolation of it makes it that much more special.

Of our tours, we went on an ATV/White water rafting adventure, a horse riding tour, and a snorkeling/canoeing trip.

The ATV tour was one of the funnest package tour offered. If you get the opportunity, try get into the hour long rides – although fair warning, you WILL get sunburnt arms and possibly legs doing this. On this tour you get an option to drive your own ATV or ride on the back of a friends, and don’t stress, you don’t need any license to do this, just your confidence. You ride on an ATV for your selected time on clay paths (and for a small portion on the road), and go through puddles, craters, up and down hills and twisting paths. If you’re heading into Thailand definitely give this tour a try.


The horse riding tour I would recommend to beginner riders or very experienced. There will be a guide per horse with you, and almost always be instructing the horse with hand movements, noises, and a few times with the lead. For my partner who had never ridden a horse before, it was a great introduction to what it feels like.

IMG_0678As for the snorkeling – the tour company is absolutely brilliant. Each guide for each trip was a charismatic lady boy who made jokes and poked fun the entire 4-6 hours you were with them. Originally we wanted to book for the Phi Phi Island tour, but due to bad weather and some local advice, we found that the Bond Island tour had much calmer waters. If you can’t find local advice beforehand, or want to book the tour before you leave, don’t stress about that either! The tour company and guides are super chill about changing beach destinations to suit the weather to make sure you can still enjoy your trip.

On the other 4 days we went shopping twice, and relaxed by the various pools and bars getting more sunburnt than we realised (I may have fallen asleep in the ‘shade’ once or twice).

After the busy schedule (which I am grateful for) in London and Paris, a week of relaxing by a pool in 30C heat was much needed and enjoyed. For anyone looking to go to Thailand – invest in your very best sunscreen and bring that aloe vera regardless of how careful you think you’ll be. And if your thinking of staying at the Pullmans – book into the spa ASAP as it fills up fast, and try out as many things as you can.

Have you been to Thailand – what is your must do activity?

– Cupcate –

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