Travel: A Week In Paris

At the end of June to beginning of July I went travelling around Europe with my family. During this time we spent 6 days in London, and a further 6 days in Paris. At this stage the group split up and we each went to different locations. Here is my week of Paris adventures;

Days 7 – 11

Day 7 was spent walking around Parisian streets and soaking up some city vibes. We eventually made it to Champs Elysees Avenue and explore life along the strip, before heading to visit the Arc de Triomphe. In all the photos I’ve ever seen, it looks quiet, peaceful, and somewhere a little more “tourist friendly”. When I got there it was super busy and to get a photo in front of it you practically had to stand in traffic. Not to put a damper on my mood from my lack of pretty photo opportunity, I then went shopping and tried out some pastries (whilst in France, right?).

Day 8. Originally planned to visit the Latin Quarter (my Grandad’s favourite area of Paris) but sadly, all the walking in London had destroyed my feet. The arches of my feet had started to collapse and my tendons were incredible painful. Instead myself, my Grandma, and my uncle (who had developed blisters) all stayed at the apartment.

Day 9 versailles (64)
Day 9 I was super excited for. The trip out to Versailles was happening. We caught a train out to Versailles and grabbed a quick snack (in the form of a crepe), grabbed our electronic tour headset-guide-things, and walked through the palace. Being more excited for the gardens (which is Disney princess castle standard of wow), I rushed through a lot of the palace to get there. And they are MASSIVE. You definitely need good walking shoes for this trip because damn it is worth going out to see it all. After I pushed myself to my absolute hobbling limits of walking, I headed on back to our meeting point, a cafe, where we all got our second serving of crepes that day.

Day 9 versailles (27)

Day 10 was our shopping and chill day. There are so many things to see in Paris. A few family members went back to see the Eiffel tower again as the first day was overcast and dreary, whilst others explored the area we were staying in. Myself and my uncle took it upon ourselves to do the grocery and wine shopping for my Grandma and visited what felt like every supermarket and corner store for a solid kilometre.

Day 11 louvre (11)Day 11’s excitement was just as much, if not more, than the trip to Versailles. Louvre time!!! I wish we hadn’t left this to the last day. Louvre tickets are valid for 12 months from date of purchase/redemption. Meaning unlimited visits, all for free, kinda, for an entire year. It is impossible to see everything in the Louvre in an entire day. Everyone split up into separate groups and headed off to see what they found the most interesting. Unfortunately we only allocated 2 hours to this visit, but definitely want to head back if I’m ever near Paris. I Day 11 louvre (26)love all things ancient history. If a human did something over 2000 years ago, I want to know about it. I headed off to see the oldest artifacts, paintings, and sculptures they had (which for anyone interested, there are things over 8000 years old). Afterwards I headed in to view some of the middle ages. I’m not a religious person, but all the religious works fascinate me. Pretty quickly our time was up, and we had to depart the Louvre.

Day 11 louvre (18)

Day 11 localDay 12 was home time. The long trip back home was beginning.

France is an old, old country, with many historically important buildings and tourist hot spots. It can be quite frustrating for people who don’t speak French to navigate through menus and through supermarket labels. I would recommend learning some basic French, a few phrases, and perhaps if you’re feeling adventurous enough to go food shopping, grab a translation app because you’re not guaranteed to find someone who is willing to speak English with you.

All in all, Paris is a city you should visit at least once or twice in your lifetime. For me, I think next time I might try winter. See what Paris is like then.

– Cupcate –

For more photo’s of my time in Paris, check out my instagram here.

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