Travel: A Week In London

At the end of June to beginning of July I went travelling around Europe with my family. During this time we spent 6 days in London, and a further 6 days in Paris. At this stage the group split up and we each went to different locations. Here is my week of London adventures;

Days 1 – 6.

Day 1 British Museum Claudia and Alex (2)Day 1 we all went down to the British Museum. When I say we, I mean my travelling family group which consisted of myself, my sister, two cousins, my grandparents, and my uncle. We all split off into our separate groups and went our own ways to view the exhibits we were interested in. For me, that was anything Egyptian or Roman.

We spent 2 hours wandering around the museum before regrouping and heading off for lunch. Being in London, we decided a pub lunch was in order. Not really too sure what a traditional English pub lunch looks like (being Australian I think a lot of it is the same as home) so I made sure to get gravy with my chips. At least thats traditional English right?

Day 2 cutty sark selfiesDay 2 was Cutty Sark ship time, which is the sole surviving tea clipper ship of the 19th century, and the fastest ship of her time (1869). The ship itself was multilevel, all area access, and, I wont lie, it was fun to pretend to be a pirate – although I’m sure their ships were quite different.

A brief lunch followed by a walk across the road to the Greenwich observatory and meridian line. Sadly I couldn’t find Perth, but I could other cities from Australia! Naturally I needed a photo of that.

Day 3 tower of london london bridgeDay 3 we did a tour of the Tower of London (also not an actual tower – its a freaking castle) which to my surprise actually houses the crown jewels and a select number of beefeaters (weirdest job title ever). Sadly you cannot take photos of the jewels or artifacts in that particular building. Though there were a few tourists taking them anyway (strangely satisfying to watch them get in trouble muahaha). The grounds of the Tower of London have some amazing views as well so be sure to go up on the walls to get some photos (also I thought London Bridge was supposed to be red – not sure why).

Day 4 was, by far, the most excited I had gotten for an outing that week. Madame freaking TUSSAUDS!! Not to spoil it for myself, I didn’t research or google whose wax figures were in there, or what exhibitions they were hosting at the time. While I expected the main celebrities (Tom Cruise, Leo Dicaprio, etc) I was pleasantly surprised to find Kim and Kanye (and YES, you can get within mm of them for photos if you’re willing to fight crowds for it), Zoella, Alfie, and a giant Star Wars exhibit. THEY HAD AN ENTIRE STAR WARS SECTION. The geek in me came out and went a little mental in there.

Day 5 we reserved for shopping and relaxing, and day 6 we left for Paris on a train.

Overall, I love London. From the tourist spots, food, weather, and general people, London truly felt both calming, and exciting, at the same time. I definitely wish we had an extra week in London to see more, experience more, and just get out and see what the rest of England is like. Putting it on the top of my list of places to return to.

Have you been to England – where would you recommend going?

– Cupcate –

For more photo’s of my time in London, check out my instagram here.
All persons photographed have given consent for use of their photo.

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