June to August 2016

So last time I updated everyone I was at university, starting a new major, I had begun exercising, and was genuinely taking my life down a direction driven road. Since June? I have dropped from university as it wasn’t for me. As much as I love learning – and I truly, 100% do – I couldn’t commit to going to the campus 4 days minimum a week, and still be mentally and physically energetic enough to do assignments and study. I basically ended up playing games and sleeping. But I did go travelling so that took some stress out of the changes to my rough weekly routine.

As for exercising, I took a break! No big shocker there. I kept it up for just over a month and once my first assignment came around, I stopped. I think it was because I finally had to sit down and spend time doing work so instead of playing games, exercising, and going to uni every week, I sacrificed exercise for half-assed study and continued playing games. In hindsight, it was a massive mistake, but in hindsight you’re always right!

Currently? I am looking for a job – anything really as long as its over 25 hours a week. I have ideas about what I want to do and what direction I want to take, but everything is on hold until I can get that job. *Fingers crossed people*.


  • Stick to a running routine! Or at least try to get that 2km in faster
  • Find that job and save
  • Go to sleep at a reasonable time (seriously, I’ve been awake until 3am constantly)
  • Get back into eating healthier foods
  • Get into a tidying and cleaning routine – after all, you are an adult, kinda.

My goals vary from (from my point of view) different degree’s of difficulty. There’s the training my body, to working on my habits, to finding a job which is ultimately someone else’s decision. They may seem small, but to me they’re achievable and something I can work toward.

– Cupcate –

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