January to June 2016

I am oddly embarrassed yet happy about my decisions so far this year. Embarrassed, because I had to tell everyone that yet again, I was changing my major. Purely because I could not handle the smell of animal organs. At all. Happy, because I changed my major to Mathematics, and doing that makes me feel fulfilled when I finally understand a concept.

My Accomplishments

  • I changed my major into something that I actually enjoy.
  • I became closer to some friends.
  • Made a few new friends.
  • I started speaking my mind more which left me less exhausted from impressing people.
  • I began listening to my body when eating foods.
  • I started exercising for myself.

Goals for the next 6 months

  • Successfully finish a year of university.
  • Make at least one friend from my classes, and see them outside those times.
  • Become more expressive in my work.
  • Actively commit to eating better.
  • Learn how to exercise without hurting myself.

The past 6 months of events and accomplishments. I always feel as though at the beginning of the year you are obligated to make a life change and do something different and new to you. In a sense I feel as though I did do this by changing my major, and by doing so, I’ve finally fit in with those optimistic people who do this every year. Annually make lifestyle changes for the better. The last 6 months of the year – lets try enforce good habits and prepare myself for whatever comes next.

– Cupcate –

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