Getting Back Into Exercise

At the beginning of the semester I was determined to eat healthier, be healthier, to 20160526_102431000_iOSexercise more. Its safe to say that, as you can see here, its been a while. But I am ready to get back into running!

I’m not particularly sporty anymore. In primary school I was the cross country champion and long jumper. Since high school I have been getting increasingly lazy. I always say that I want to do the HBF Run for a Reason, or go hiking, or do the colour run! but my ego says no if I can’t run the entire distance. I want to perform. I want to look like I know what I’m doing and can do it well. So here we are.

20160526_102047000_iOSToday I ran my personal best! Its probably super slow, I stopped to walk twice, but I am super proud of me for getting out there and doing it.

I did have some exercise induced asthma afterward, and my calves are so incredibly tight right now (we’re borderline cramping right now) but I’m ready for more. Last time I ran I had rib soreness of all things the following day. We shall see tomorrow.


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