Death to Procrastination

I’ve been procrastinating more than usual lately — purely because I have exams in 2 weeks. I’ve charged up my iPad for the first time in what I think is over a year. Wiped and set that up. I also redid my app organisation on my phone and washed all my clothes. Literally, all my clothes.

As an attempt to start feeling healthier I’ve been trying to get back into running. But that also feels like procrastination from study. If I can manage to pull myself off my computer I’ll go for a run or get in the kitchen before I study. And by that stage I think “I’ll only play one game” … It ends up being 3 then YouTube then time goes super quick and it’s suddenly midnight and I *should* go to sleep so I can try again tomorrow.

Someone cure procrastination please. My lack of willpower to study is kind of amazing. Terrible, but amazing.


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