A most Irritating Day

Normally my Saturdays are nice and relaxing, or I go out and do something social and slightly active. I also like to look at the good side of things, such as “I didn’t spend my entire weekend sitting on my ass doing nothing, I spent that time talking to friends online and honing my gaming skills”.

But this morning I was woken up by a 9 year old running around screaming, which didn’t meld well with my existing and painful earache. So with my sleep cut short, being in pain, I made a doctors appointment to get it sorted no matter what.

The doctor ended up giving me eardrops and informing me that I should stop taking Ibuprofen + Codeine tablets and take normal Nurofen – which for those who know me, know I have a built tolerance to any kind of pain medication.

Long story short, I’ve been sulking around all day with a headache and earache whilst my wonderful boyfriend attempts to make me comfortable with movies and snacks. There’s my upside! Sunday, if your out there, please be infection and pain free.


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