Another Day Professionally Procrastinated

Once again I woke up with the intention of listening to some lectures and jotting down some notes, followed by a small lunch and then maybe some casual forum browsing.

Instead, I woke up, opened tumblr, and now its 1:45pm.

To be fair I did try to do something productive by drawing but my program crashed about 25 minutes after I started – which in my case of no auto saves, means complete death of any creative thoughts and thus I went to the internet.

I was semi productive though. Kinda. I transferred my blog over to a new account so it could be my primary blog, and went through tonnes of different tumblrs and followed a couple. I googled my swollen ears and internally freaked out of the results for an hour (never google symptoms, it can never end well). And now I am watching people stream games.

I suppose at any moment I could turn it all off and get out my notes and start studying, but I just cannot seem to force myself to inflict that kind of torture.

Midterm exam T -5 days.


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